The Thomson Duplex Project Details

Six Exclusive Units
Exclusive. Extraordinary. Elevated. Just 10 mins away from Town. Yet Tucked Away in Private Serenity

It Starts With A Vision
A vision empowered by ideals. We all aspire towards progress. and progress drives us in our search for that most elusive prize of all-a life of fulfillment. It is this pursuit that makes our lives truly rich.

It’s about the Subtle Details
Interlocking units. Interactive spaces. Six individually unique habitats for the discerning individual. Sublime design. Exceptional craftsmanship. Floor to ceiling windows that offer new perspectives. It is the nuances you uncover that make each day a fresh discovery.

It’s about Meaningful Spaces
Spaces where people can interact with each other and their environment. Where the relationship between habitat design and spatial utility deepens the connection between you and your loved ones. A poetry of space. A space that evolves with you everyday.

It’s Everything You Want It To Be
Because your life isn’t static. One moment you are here and another you are there. We all lead many lives. Work-life. Home-life. The high-life. Find your centre right here at The Thomson Duplex.

In-Built Fixture Bedrooms
Welcoming. Comfortable and built with designer closet space. Whether you are staking claim to it solo or sharing it with someone special, this cosy bedroom will make you want to curl up in bed and wish you never had to leave home.

In-Built Fixture Bathrooms
Retreat into the serenity of clean lines. Appreciate the attention to detail with stainless steel fixtures and admire the meticulous touches of subtle design. Take refuge in this stylish bathroom. Make it your private sanctuary.

In-Built Fixture Security
Marvel at the conveniences of modern living. Access to your apartment is now safe, simple and secure with the Biometric security system, which uses your unique fingerprint identification to ensure the safety of your home.

Work out in the gym and take a splash in the pool With only 6 units to share between, you can experience these facilities in the privacy of this exclusive community.

Something Special For Everyone
Residents of The Thomson Duplex can expect nothing short of luxury. With 6 exceptional units housing their distinctive features, be it a roof garden, floor to ceiling windows or a personal outdoor pool, taste the liberty of choosing the attribute that befits your personality.

When All The Things You Once Imagined Now Belong To You
Ingenious architecture coupled with thoughtful spaces and exclusive facilities – all coming together in one elegant expression. Where your environment becomes an extension of yourself. That is life at The Thomson Duplex.

The Thomson Duplex Enquiries

All developer’s units are 100% sold. For resale or rental enquiries, fill in the form below and we will get back to you shortly